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Vacuum Forming Cosmetic Display
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Vacuum Forming

Quality Thermoforming Services

"We employ the latest Vacuum Forming technology and product design to set your brand apart. There's no room for error."
- Traitech Operations Manager

An integral part of Traitech's operations is its Vacuum Forming or Thermoforming division. The company continually receives feedback that the quality of its Vac Formed displays is much better than clients were accustomed to expect. Traitech's Thermoforming division works with a wide variety of plastics to meet exact design requirements and offers custom machining, trimming, bending, assembly and packaging services.

The company has been particularly successful in creating innovative Vacuum Formed retail displays for the cosmetics industry. However, Traitech can create virtually any Vacuum Formed retail display, from straightforward point-of-purchase displays to full floor units that incorporate multiple materials. No matter how large or complex the project is, Traitech's quality control systems ensure consistent product every time.