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The Brain Project
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The Brain Project

The Brain Project is a catalyst and the Brain Trust of the Baycrest Foundation to create discussion and awareness of brain health. Strong financial support was provided by Telus Health to seed the project where one hundred artists from around the world were chosen to participate. The work was put on display throughout Toronto including Nathan Phillips square, commercial buildings, parks, and along the waterfront. This fall the sculptures on display will be sold to sponsoring organizations or collectors worldwide to raise funds to support brain research.

Traitech Industries was asked to participate in this tremendous project after a review of potential partners by The Baycrest Foundation Committee. The decision to enlist Traitech was based on our marketing and brand experience. Traitech developed the concept for the enclosed display and produced 100 units.

Traitech is absolutely thrilled to be part of this project, and we encourage our customers and suppliersĀ  to make a donation to brain research in memory of family, friends, and acquaintances that are victims of brain disease.

Letter from the Baycrest Foundation.