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Retail Display Design Lab

Retail Store Design Lab & Modeling

"We don't just build displays. We are the people behind the retail ideology and what a product can achieve in the marketplace. We know retailers' needs and we understand what will work. That's a real value-added service."
- Traitech President Peter Slight

Traitech excels at producing custom Retail Store Displays, taking projects from the idea stage onto the floor of the store in the most effective fashion possible. While Traitech can produce retail displays exactly to specification, the company's design team is able to look at virtually any query - whether it is a fully realized CAD file, a quick sketch or just an idea - and suggest improvements that will result in cost savings, greater visibility, more durability or better in-store placement.

Traitech frequently engineers new manufacturing processes or suggests innovative materials to increase return on investment. Throughout the process, Traitech's design team works closely with clients, providing tracking and order status reporting, and constant updates to bring projects to fruition on time and above expectations.