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California Trays - Fresh Produce Trays

Do You Want To Maximize Your Profit?

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Our California Trays® system will work hard for you in your high profit, high volume produce area. Nothing beats our unique system.

Here's why!

  1. California Trays® reduce “shrink” significantly by increased ventilation, reduced inventory on display and improved and easier stock rotation.
  2. California Trays® are designed to meet the merchandising and financial objectives of each customer including inventory level, turns, shrink, and cost of labour.
  3. California Trays® create improved ventilation/air flow in refrigerated/”wet” cases and on dry tables to increase shelf life.
  4. California Trays® replace temporary display materials including cardboard, wood, plastic to provide a permanent merchandising base for your produce clerks to merchandise on. This results in very significant labour savings by eliminating the need to pull down and re-set tables and wet cases on a regular basis.
  5. California Trays® represent the first innovative and permanent merchan5ising solution in fresh departments that creates a huge bulk look with less inventory. Produce clerks embrace the product because of ease of use/operational efficiency and a superior merchandising look.
Traitech: The Fresh Experts pioneered a random vertical extrusion process that is unique in the world.

Traitech has emerged the leading expert in fresh produce display stands. In-store testing has revealed our Food Display Trays and Produce Display Trays produced millions of dollars in savings due to reduced inventory requirements. In fact, the testing showed the food and produce trays paid for themselves on the first day they were installed.

"When Loblaws told us about the problems with their current cardboard displays - which ranged from labor costs in cutting cardboard to too much fresh produce being displayed - we listened. We looked at operational issues such as shrinkage, spoilage, restocking patterns and inventory control and developed a new tray that modified staff behavior. The result was a Food Display Tray that not only generates strong revenues, but also ensures that produce is continually restocked and the customer gets fresher produce."

"We deliver cost savings and better merchandising in the form of a Food Display Tray. Essentially, we sell savings." The innovative concept is currently being rolled out to major chains in Europe and South America.