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Fresh Produce Display Stands
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Fresh Produce Display Stands

Produce Display Sets a New Standard

Traitech currently manufactures over 70% of Produce Display trays for the Canadian fresh food market, working with all of Canada's major grocery chains. A cornerstone niche for the company, Traitech's fresh tray technology is rapidly replacing wasteful and cumbersome cardboard trays throughout the world.

In Europe, Traitech supplies its Produce Display trays to major chains in England as well as prominent retailers in Germany and Scandanavia. Backed by global logistics and implementation, Traitech has a long list of clients throughout the world, from the Middle East to South America.

Every tray shape and design is custom-designed patented and protected on behalf of each customer so that no competitor has access to it. "Our technology reduces costs by managing turnover, decreasing inventory, cutting down on shrinkage and reducing labor costs - all with big, bold looks," says Traitech President Peter Slight. "Because of the base and the foundation we have created, the produce looks much more appetizing to consumers."