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Floor Stand Display
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Floor Stand Display

Floor Stand Display Helps Lighting Products Shine

"Traitech provided a lot of suggestions and made the display much more functional. They put their creative inventiveness into it.
We're very, very happy."
- Magic Lite Owner Tom Penton

Traitech is an innovator in the Floor Stand Display sector. Most recently, the company created a cutting edge Floor Stand Display for an emerging industrial lighting company. Armed with the lighting fixtures, Traitech branded the line and created two five feet tall LED displays with signage to help dealers and building contractors understand the brand's unique features and simplify the buying decision. The Floor Stand Display is now considered one of the best lighting displays in the business.

Traitech has also pioneered Nike Golf Floor Displays, electronic displays for Lorex security, featured at Sam's Clubs, CostCo and OfficeMax stores and a 'floating' clear acrylic table to display the new BenQ TV for Ingram Micro.