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Corporate Responsibility
"We take green very seriously. Through our carefully thought-out programs, we endeavor to lead by example."
- Traitech President Pete Slight
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Corporate Responsibility

As an innovator across many sectors, Traitech has been employing green technologies and 3-R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) processes since its inception. The company's fresh foods merchandising technology contains only premium-quality food grade resin manufactured to FDA certified standards. Early on, Traitech voluntarily invested in a technology that eliminates all waste from its fresh food tray manufacturing process. Tailings from all of the company's fabricated processes are separated and recycled considerably minimizing the amount of plastics that go into landfill within an entire year.

Highlights of the company's green policy include:

In-house recycling programs:

  • All resin by-products from its California Tray System are recycled in-house.All plastic materials are sorted and sent to recyclers for secondary production of plastic materials.
  • All waste paper and board are returned to suppliers for recycling.

Green purchasing policies:

  • Traitech continually sources materials such as paper, corrugate and skids from renewable resources and uses environmentally-friendly inks, cements and glues.
  • Traitech seeks out paper, board, wood, wood by-products and other supplies that can be re-used.
  • Traitech purchases raw materials such as plastic sheet, resin and wood board from suppliers who have effective and monitored emission control systems and high environmental standards.
  • Traitech purchases materials locally where possible, reducing carbon usage and emissions while supporting local employment.

Energy conservation:

  • Traitech's plant uses energy efficient lighting and electronically controlled HVAC systems and equipment. Heat produced from equipment is captured and used to heat the premises.